Our existing initiatives provide hope for many.

When clean water is readily available and within reach, it has the potential to change lives. A lack of clean, sanitised water means children are unable to receive a quality education, families struggle to make an income and entire communities are at risk of falling sick from waterborne diseases. Our mission is to provide clean, safe drinking water at the turn of a tap.

The Clean Water Project has plans to replace old, inactive systems at eight locations in the Bua Province with potential plans to extend beyond this measure.

Your generous support can help fund this essential and important project and help keep children in schools, families out of poverty and communities safe from the risks of waterborne diseases.

Give health, give happiness, give the gift of life-saving water.

Investing in education is a long-term sustainable approach to creating a life full of possibility.

Access to high quality early education gives children the best start in life. Our aim is to begin the journey through education early, deliver quality education and engage students in study for as long as possible.

Early education provides children with opportunities to learn and develop and supports their transition to school. It can help children develop social skills and make friends, learn literacy and numeracy skills, gain independence, and develop healthy routines and habits.

Our focus is on facilitating Early Childhood Learning through the building of Kindergartens. Katalyst also provides continued support to all kindergartens, primary and secondary schools within but not limited to, the Bua Province.

Our first kindergarten construction was a huge success and is now in full operation in the Nabau Village.

In 2021, we had plans for two builds, scheduled for the Dama and Navakasiga districts, and this work continues into 2022.

Your generous support will fund the building and fit out of our Kindergarten Project and help give children the best possible start to their journey through education.

Katalyst is dedicated to removing barriers that impede access to healthcare services.

Medical Outreach Program

The Katalyst Medical Outreach Program works in partnership with Nabouwalu Hospital, located in the Bua Province, Vanua Levu, Fiji to provide medical clinics conducted by a team of professional experts on a quarterly basis. Our joint aim is to ensure that communities located in remote regions of Vanua Levu have access to basic medical needs, health education and a complete medical check each year.

Katalyst supports all the medical and administration staff required to make the program a success, and generous donors from medical institutions kindly donate the medical consumables that are needed.

The medical outreach clinic covers:

  • Non-communicable diseases,
  • Immunisations,
  • Family planning,
  • Post-natal,
  • Cervical screening
  • Referrals,
  • Counselling,
  • Domestic and sexual violence,
  • Women and children’s rights, and
  • Dental checks.

Members of the community can choose from the listed available services.

In addition to providing our Medical Outreach program which delivers both health education and services, we work together with The Medical Pantry and other trusted donors within the health industry including both public and private hospitals, universities and research bodies to gain access to hospital supplies, medical equipment and other consumables. 

Support is urgently needed for many hospitals and health centres across Fiji. To join us in helping these vulnerable communities with medical supplies, please contact liz.zamrob@kookai.com.

Women’s Health

Katalyst recognise the importance of creating much needed awareness surrounding women’s health issues, which is why in 2021 we launched a specific Women’s Health Initiative. As part of this program, we partnered with Modibodi who generously donated 1000 pairs of re-usable leak-proof period underwear to women in need. Katalyst and Modibodi together are committed to helping provide access to menstrual products, empowering women and helping to put an end to period poverty which is a global health issue.

In the past, adolescent girls were provided with ‘Days for Girls’ kits, a feminine hygiene kit containing 2 shields, 8 liners, a washcloth, a bar of soap, and a pair of underwear. This outreach program also gifted women bras and body lotions, thanks to Uplift New Zealand (MSP partner supplier of quality undergarments). We are now in need of commercial suppliers to help us with much needed donations for products for these kits. Your generous donations will help these young women access much need sanitary products.

Katalyst also aspire to shine a light on prevention, by providing educational videos on breast checks and screening, cervical checks and ovarian cancer symptoms.

Access to further education is an economic investment.

The Katalyst Tertiary Hostel Program was developed to improve tertiary retention rates, working to decrease the number of students becoming disengaged throughout their tertiary journey. Students are given daily meals, access to a wide range of support services and a safe and secure environment in which to study. In addition, we provide all hostel students with additional support through a mentoring program. Each student is assigned a member of our Lyndhurst Group’s senior management team to act as their mentor. Mentors act as valuable sounding boards and provide invaluable information regarding career pathways and future job prospects in corresponding fields.

In 2022, we are in the early stages of determining ways to increase the program’s ability to cater for more students.

Your generous support will help fund the expansion of this important program and help keep our tertiary students engaged in their educational journey until the end.

Our focus on removing barriers to education is a priority in our work.

Katalyst provides ongoing support programs for kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, and universities located in the Bua Province, Vanua Levu, Fiji. This continued charitable focus provides school supplies, educational equipment, and school furniture to offer basic educational needs to students living in regional village communities.

In our ongoing effort to improve tertiary engagement and retention rates, we understand the importance of tertiary students having access to essential schooling equipment. As part of our Advancing Education Focus, Katalyst provides every tertiary student from the Bua Province with a laptop for the duration of their tertiary studies.

Our aim is to give all students the essentials they need so that they have every opportunity to succeed.

Katalyst recognises that for many young people in Fiji, it is customary and natural to aspire to become a farmer. Our aim is to inspire them to not just plant for their families but to think about plantation and production on a larger scale.

We have an education enhancement program focused on supporting a selected group of students from underprivileged regions who wish to become skilled farmers. Katalyst funds the student’s educational journey through Navuso Agricultural Technical Institute where students are trained in the commercial aspects of farming.  Students are provided with tuition fees and further financial support covering the costs of accommodation, meals, and tools.

The Institute also allocates first year students a portion of land (student garden plots) to carry out basic vegetable production as a practical learning ground, which also gives them the opportunity to generate income during their study.

The program helps to improve the lives of students and that of their future families, ultimately contributing to the development of Fiji’s economy.

Katalyst’s vision is to ensure that work opportunities are available to those who have undertaken school and training in a particular field. The following businesses have been formed and supported alongside Katalyst with a view to providing continuous employment opportunities in a safe, secure working environment:

  • Island Endeavour (Fiji) Ltd
  • Tivi Contractors Ltd
  • iTvTi Ltd
  • Lyndhurst Group of Companies

Natural disasters can destroy the lives of those living in poverty.

Our mission is to restore hope to communities who have lost shelter, food, clean water and lives.

In the aftermath of natural disasters, urgent support is needed. By generously donating to Katalyst, you are ensuring that when disaster strikes, families have access to emergency food, water and shelter.

Together with the generosity from donors in the past, we have been well equipped to help support the people of Fiji during these very difficult times.

Tropical Cyclone Yasa Relief

In December 2021, a category 5 cyclone (Cyclone Yasa) devastated the second largest island in Fiji, with widespread flooding and landslides destroying villages and leaving already vulnerable Fijian citizens displaced and without essentials.

With Fiji being one of Australia’s closest neighbours, and one that holds a special place in the hearts of the KOOKAI and Katalyst family as the homeland of one of our Founders and over 1000 of our employees, we wanted to assist quickly.

Katalyst distributed emergency food and water supplies to 2200 households in Bua, and we have ongoing plans to continue to help prepare the community for the future with cyclone-proof housing. 

We sincerely thank all our generous donors. 100% of your donations provided vital aid for affected communities.