Our Vision

Providing essentials to give others a better life, that’s why we exist.

Building better lives.


Katalyst, as the name implies, is an agent or force that brings about permanent change in order to help build better lives.

Our foundation seeks to pursue charitable endeavours that will empower people and bring about long-lasting meaningful change. 

90% of our work is focused on supporting the disadvantaged in rural, regional and remote communities in Fiji and Sri Lanka. As well as helping to provide life’s bare essentials, we strive for change by providing funding  and equipment for essential services, skills training, employment and infrastructure. By developing small local businesses, we aim to provide ongoing employment opportunities for locals in these locations and attend to the basic needs of the local community.

Katalyst also works towards providing employment support for those experiencing homelessness and/or long term unemployment here in Australia. Newly launched, our nationwide ‘Katch a break’ program offers those experiencing extreme hardship, a chance to get back into the workforce.

The long term vision is to transform communities by providing access to life’s essentials, therefore changing the future narrative for those living in poverty and experiencing hardship both here in Australia and abroad.